lee seung hoon

SeungHoon Lee

I am honored to serve as Chairman of the KAAGPSF but I also feel the great responsibility of carrying the mission and goals of KAAGPSF which has the great tradition of supporting education for the Korean-American students for thirteen years. In beginning my term, I am fortunate to form a team of enthusiastic volunteers for the executive committee and to have the support of the presidents of Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia  Scholarship Foundation. Improvement of Communication and Cooperation between Korean American Association of Greater Philadelphia  Scholarship Foundation I believe that one of the major roles of the scholarship foundation is to promote and pursue the common goals of KAAGPSF together. I plan to make special efforts to this end by soliciting input and by exchanging ideas on relevant issues, such as the uniform, simplified application form for scholarships through the Internet, and the web site of the scholarship foundation. I also think that it is desired to improve the visibility of KAAGPSF through various functions which will help our fund-raising activities.